The Valenzuela City government is hoping to change its image of being a concrete jungle into that of a livable city with the opening of a 1.3-hectare park, the first of its kind in the city.

“The mention of Valenzuela City right away brings to mind pictures of steel and cement. This time, we hope to change all that,” said City Mayor Rex Gatchalian.

“We want people to perceive Valenzuela not only as great place to do Business in, but also as the best place to raise a family and stimulate a person’s creativity,” he added.

The Valenzuela People’s Park, opened last Saturday, is beside the government center in Barangay Malinta. Officials expect it to become the premier outdoor recreational venue in Northern Metro Manila.

At the park entrance is an electronically controlled dancing fountain. Beside it is the 935-square meter AeroCircle, built specifically for zumba and other group exercises.

The park’s centerpiece is a 400-seater amphitheater, which will host a wide range of activities from film showings to concerts. Surrounding the amphitheater are gardens and a children’s playground. Admission at the park is free.


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