Guts, Frogs, Bugs, Urchins and Snails, who would ever thought that you could even eat them right? Well, for thrill seeking and wonder driven people, anything can be turned into a foodgasmic wonder (not that everyone is fan of exotic food).

Exotic food are found all over the world, like the Soup no. 5, which is basically a soup made from cow, or bull testicles, Fugu, for its delicate taste and the risk of dying from tetrodotoxins (if it’s not prepared correctly!) and live Gae-bool for its superbly weird alien like appearance (Spoonworm).

But did you know that there are some equally strange foods here in the PH? Listed below are the top 10 exotic dishes in the country. Eating these sort of dishes isn’t really for the faint hearted (especially if you’re not accustomed to these things), but for strange food fanatics, these would surely make it to their must-taste-this-before-I-die list.

1. Isaw, Betamax, Gizzard


This might just be the mildest among the rest of the items on this list. All of these three are grilled, and there are basically sold everywhere in the country, most especially in places near university belts. Isaw is chicken intestines, betamax is grilled blood cubes, and gizzard is basically grilled chicken gizzard. Other culture also eat innards, in fact there’s a couple of words pertaining to innards such as Giblet, for chicken neck, heart and liver, Numbles for animal entrails.



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