MANILA, Philippines — “It’s more fun in the Philippines.” We’ve all heard it before. Blessed with beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine and gregarious people, the Philippines really lives up to its title as Pearl of the Orient.
Natives and foreigners alike love to tread the azure waters of Palawan and walk barefoot on the white sand beaches of Boracay, but to experience only these places is to scratch just the surface of what the Philippines has to offer. With 7,107 islands, there is no end to the number of places to see and adventures to be had. That means good fun and natural beauty are just a stone’s throw away from wherever you are.
Northwest Anvaya Cove. On the Northeastern end is the main body of their vast golf course, as well as Woodridge Hills and Lake Front Nine, which is their sports complex.
Mid-West Anvaya Cove. In the mid-west, you’ll find the Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club, which is perfect for any and all recreational activities like swimming, eating, and drinking.



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