Early-Morning-in-Sampaloc-Lake-600x398In line with the Department of Tourism campaign “Visit the Philippines 2015″ is the “Islands Philippines Fun Caravans” by the Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA). The project “Islands Philippines Fun Caravans”, which was launched in March this year, uses a creative and fun way of promoting tourism in the country with its several caravans (five major caravans and three minor caravans) each scheduled to travel around a specific province or two, ranging from three to seven days.
The second “Islands Philippines Fun Caravan” to “roll off” is the Southern Tagalog Kulinarya Caravan. The said caravan is divided into two parts, the first leg (April 25-27, 2015) and the second leg(April 27-29, 2015).
Pinaete-600x398I was lucky enough to be able to join the first and second leg, and, because the participants from the first leg was joined by a new set of participants, the caravan was twice as fun!
We left our departure point Talisay early at dawn, and headed to San Pablo City, Laguna—our first stop for this caravan. We also arrived early, just before sunrise, at our destination. We participants went to Sampaloc Lake for passport stamping and for the short welcoming program.
After we got briefed during the program, we proceeded to Casa San Pablo for a cooking demonstration, and also for breakfast.


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