ALABEL, Sarangani –The Sarangani government has decided to do away with street-dancing and similar activities that have become usual in festivals, starting with this year’s Munato (first people) Festival.
Michelle Solon, Sarangani tourism officer, said instead of street-dancing, they opted to hold activities that would showcase the music and arts of the Sarangans.
Munato is being celebrated from November 27 up to December 6 of each year.
“We want Munato to be iconic in the sense that we don’t want to compete with municipal festivals in the region. As such, we’re holding the first international music and arts festival where we will now celebrate the diversity of cultures, diversity of arts and diversity of people in Sarangani and presenting them in a stage so the world can enjoy them,” she said.
Solon said the cultural and arts presentation will be participated in by performers from the Blaans, Tagacaolos, Tbolis and the Moro group.
“We are also bringing in artists to actually give the stage a much wonderful show, like Waway Saway from the Talaandig Tribe with his band; and Mathew Ngau Jau from Malaysia to perform Sape, a wooden short-necked stringed instrument from the lute category,” she said.



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