Sagada, PHILIPPINES – A few weeks before the largest annual gathering in Sagada, local officials reiterated their appeal to visitors to respect and maintain the integrity of its tourist attractions for their cultural and aesthetic values.
Sagada tourism officer Robert Pangod issued the call on Monday, January 11, in anticipation of throngs of local and foreign visitors who are expected to troop to the annual the Etag Festival.
Also the municipality’s founding anniversary, the 3-day festival starts on January 30 and highlights smoked meat (etag), which Sagada is known for.
“We ask our visitors to keep not only our tourism sites, but the entire Sagada municipality clean, and may they comply strictly with our rules regarding our cultural heritage,” Pangod said.
The tourism spike is expected to remain throughout the month of February
until early June, according to Pangod.
He said it was during a similar peak season that an ancient burial jar was stolen from its resting place inside the Balangagan Cave, one of the many caves in Sagada.