Basilica-of-Saint-Martin-of-Tours-600x398Our Southern Tagalog caravan continues as we move on to tasting the flavors of the province of Batangas. From Tagaytay, Southern Luzon’s Summer Capital, we took an early morning road trip to the town of Taal in Batangas.
Taal was declared a heritage town for its well-preserved ancestral houses that are popular backdrops for period films. It is also known as the Balisong Capital of the Philippines, popular for its craftsmanship in making the world-famous fan knives.
Longganisang-Taal-600x398We arrived in Taal just in time for the Sunday Mass. The entire plaza was filled with mass goers, and we were served our breakfast right in the middle of the crowd. Our breakfast, called “Taalmusal”, was a buffet spread with local fare like Longanisang Taal, Pork Tapa, fried eggs, fried rice, and Taal’s famous hot chocolate made from locally grown cacao.
Inside-Taal-Basilica-600x403After breakfast, we explored the beautiful Basilica of Saint Martin of Tours, including the small museum at the old convent. The museum houses antique pieces donated by locals, as well as preserved collection of antiques from the church, including old jars and bells.Also known as the Taal Basilica, the church is the largest one in the Philippines and in Asia. Locals celebrate the fiesta of its patron saint St. Martin of Tours every 11th of November.



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