My plan right now–depending on my flight back from USA–is to visit Davao March 15-17.
I would like to arrive early on the 15th, and on the way to the hotel, perhaps stop at a historical place, and eat at a typical Davao restaurant and sample the local food.
I want to stay in a hotel that has aircon, and a foam bed and not pay much over 1000, in fact, ideally I like a nice low key place for 750 a night with breakfast, but I am willing to pay more for a special place.
My idea of special place would be well located so I can walk around and experience typical Davao customs and without being threatened or meeting lots of beggars.
I also would be interested in meeting other potential hosts and might treat them to evening meal close to the hotel.
I do like movies (to be kept in mind) if that is an option.
I would like one night to experience night life and a nice restaurant with a host of my choosing (perhaps meeting the prior evening)…
I can fly either out of manila or Cebu depending on which connections provide me with the most convenient options.
If I met the right people, I might consider staying a third day and going on a tour of interesting places or history with the right host.
That’s as close to idea as I can make it, but don’t expect this from our future guests as I am very experienced at telling people what I want and direct, which you will not find with introverts, as I am an extravert and open and I am not afraid to ask for what I want. MOST of our guests will NOT be as open, or casual about asking for what they want.
Therefore you will have to look for clues in their notes and emails and draw out what it is they are wanting to experience with their visit.
I do want to be met at the airport on time and I want a host to go with me to the airport when I leave.

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