Potipot-Island-ZambalesFrom the mainland of Zambales, the island looked so near that we thought we could easily cover the distance using a kayak but for the moderately strong waves. And sure enough we had scarcely boarded our motorized outrigger when, within minutes, we were almost on the island. The dark blue sea soon transformed to turquoise green, then to crystal-clear water gently lapping at the soft, fine, creamy white sand as our boat slowly came to a stop on our island destination’s eastern beach.
1347513611gMkaWsfePotipot island in Uacon, Candelaria, Zambales had been around our travel radar for years but we had never seriously considered going there until recently. On a drive home through Zambales from Tondol Beach in Anda, Pangasinan last year we encountered people on the highway with signs advertising boat trips to Potipot. We decided we wouldn’t allow this year to pass without paying a visit. Our original plan was to visit the island as part of a return trip to Dasol in Pangasinan but we ended up visiting Potipot on a one-day trip instead.
2Potipot has got to be one of the most accessible islands we’ve visited in the country. From Uacon in Candelaria and just a short distance off the main highway, one can get a motorized banca or outrigger boat and travel to the island in about 10 minutes. Potipot has also become more popular in recent years. We were fortunate enough to have traveled on a Monday; the place is said to be packed with tourists on weekends. Fortunately, the island is still relatively pristine. There are no resorts on Potipot itself although there are a few huts for rent should one want to stay overnight. There are basic toilets and shower rooms (but no showers – one has to fetch water from a deep well for bathing) as well as tables and benches for small groups that come with the entrance fee to the island.


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