It was like a fiesta in a fishing village. Just along the MacArthur Highway in Gerona Tarlac, Isdaan may be a familiar landmark to travelers going up north. But not all would care to stop and explore what lies beneath those stone monkeys that greet you at the village’s facade. Isdaan is literally made up of one big fish pond and a whole lot ofisdaan2 fun activities that make your stay an interesting one. Tables are set up above the fishponds, and you feast upon fresh seafood, and delightful Filipino dishes, while several bands of singers stop by your hut to perform haranas. There are also intriguing challenges that could help you win a kilo of fish. Some challenges include singing karaoke, or crossing a bridge and risk falling into 6-9 feet deep water full of koi, or passing through spitting and urinating monkeys.




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