dscn201082 kilometers away from the shore of Real, Quezon is an untouched Golden Pink Beach named as Salibungot Beach. A proud virgin beach at the western coast of Jomalig Island, the farthest and easternmost island of the Polilio Group of Islands of eastern Luzon. Be captivated with its fine golden pink sand and cool down under its pine trees that naturally thrive at its shores.
Salibungot beach is a long beach extending along the southwestern edge of Jomalig Island facing Lamon Bay of the Polilio Group of Islands. The beach can be seen from afar as a wide golden sand beach with pine trees along its shores. Before sunset, however, the beach turns pink due to the orange tint of the sun and scattered red particles on the sand which proves that pink corals exists under the waters.
Beautiful-Beach-in-Quezon-Province-600x398As the beach is facing west and when the sands turns pink, the best time to get here would be before sunset. If it gets too hot, not to worry as pine trees are there for you to take refuge, bring a hammock, lie down and enjoy the cool breeze.
At the time of writing this article, the beach, as well as the whole island of Jomalig has no resorts nor guest houses, as such, the beaches here including Salibungot, is a great place to beach bum if you intend to be with nature without the hassle of cramped beaches as compared to other famous beaches in the country. The sand is fine as powder and people hardly come here.


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