entalula_island_8cihqEntalula Island is a small and secluded island, included in El Nido Tour B. It has a long sand strip with beautiful soft white sand and clear water. The water is shallow for few meters near the beach, and then gets deep suddenly. The shallow part is perfect for non-swimmers and leisure time just enjoying the beach and the sea, and the deep part is suited for swimming and diving. The beach is populated with tall coconut trees, and one of the specialties of the island is coconut juice directly from the shell to make you feel like a stowaway on a deserted island.
Entalula-Beach-ClubJust off the beach are several nippa huts covered with leaves with no walls where you can have lunch while enjoy a light sea breeze in your hair. Local cuisine consists of grilled seafood and meat served in banana leaves as plates for a unique natural experience! Hammocks and lounges are available to rest and enjoy a book or an afternoon nap after lunch.
For the more active, water activities are available, especially kayaking, snorkeling and diving, due to a colorful marine life in the area, as well as rock climbing, on the natural breathtaking rock formations.


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