2749926_origTalon Falls is a short, trekking adventure in the forest of Barangay Calima in Pola, Oriental Mindoro. The falls is about 5 meters high, and 4 to 5 meters deep. It is shaded by trees and walled in by limestone rocks. It is advisable to get a guide from the Barangay Hall in Calima, which is just about 5 minutes away from the falls’ jump-off point. While there is no guiding system to the falls, you could get a guide at around P150, for a group of less than 10 visitors. If you are trekking or mountain biking without a guide, just ask around where the jump-off is, and that will lead you to a narrow, cemented trail. The trail is only cemented for the first 10 minutes, parallel to a river to your left. Campsites can also be found in this area; there is no camping ground near or at the falls itself. After the cemented trail, you’ll be trekking on dirt trail and, in about 40 minutes, find a cemented waiting shed. If you’re biking to Talon Falls, this shed is also where you can park your bike. After the shed, the main trail forks with a slippery minor trail to the right. Take the right trail and that should lead you to a stream. Once at the stream, walk to the left where the sound of the waterfall is coming from. Be prepared to climb over the rocks and get wet. River trekking to the falls would take you about 5 to 10 minutes. Another waterfall lies upstream, over Talon Falls. To get there, however, you would have to climb the right wall and secure a rope to reach the top. It’s advisable to reach the second waterfall only with the help of an experienced wall climber.


Source: http://travelibre.com/

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