5857825San Rafael Cave is considered the largest cave in Oriental Mindoro. The cave is made up of 10 chambers, all of which takes about two hours to explore. Visiting the first seven chambers require easy trekking, while reaching the eighth chamber requires crawling into a narrow passageway.
Among the 10 chambers, four are worth mentioning. The first chamber, called the Limahong Cave, is named after the Chinese pirate Limahong. Legend has it that Limahong hid part of his treasure in this cave. The next chamber features a giant stalagmite formation that stands about two storeys high. The stalagmite looks like a stage, lit with a cone of light from an opening in the cave ceiling.
The adjoining chamber is called the Bats’ Kingdom, named so after the thousands of bats that inhabit the area. After the Bats’ Kingdom is a chamber called Terraces. This chamber houses several water basins, shaped like the steps of rice terraces. The water cascades from one basin to another, and exits into a lagoon.
To get to San Rafael Cave, visitors are advised to hire a guide at the Tourism Assistance Office, which is located just across the Barangay Hall of San Rafael. Depending on the size of your group, the guide fee costs P35 to P200 per head, which includes a helmet and a flashlight. Meanwhile, getting to the cave itself takes about 45 minutes of trekking.


Source: http://travelibre.com/

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