10620247_820487711316227_4786515325863727659_o-300x194A longtime favorite Visayan destination of mountaineers is Mt. Talinis in Southern Negros, otherwise known as “Cuernos de Negros” for the horn-like peaks that highlight the mountain. It holds its position as the second highest mountain in Negros, next only to the lofty Kanlaon.
It is not surprising that Talinis is the only mountain other than Mt. Apo to have become twice the venue of the annual MFPI Federation climbs, among other activities. Its only impediment is the perennial rumor of NPA presence, but as of 2009, it is perfectly safe to climb Talinis.
There are several trails but the most typical, and comprehensive enough, route is a traverse from the Bediao trail in Dauin, Negros Oriental, to Apolong. The roster of places to see is formidable: first is Lake Yagumyum with the optional ascent to Yagumyum Peak; then, passing by the mystical maribuhok forests, one reaches the higher and grander Lake Nailig. From this lagoon there is again the option to scale Nailig Peak, otherwise known as Talinis Dako i.e. the highest point in the mountain. Finally, on the way down via the Apolong Route, pass by the sulphuric river and the Twin Falls of Talinis before ending in the grand cascade of Casaroro Falls, the highest in Negros at over 90 meters. A destination by itself, Casaroro Falls is a fitting conclusion to the Talinis experience.


Source: http://www.pinoymountaineer.com/

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