CTC-2171-image11Tres Reyes is a famous island destination in Marinduque which is under the jurisdiction of Gasan. It is named after the three Kings, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar. But among the three islands, only Gaspar has a beach. All others have steep cliffs and nothing to dock with. It is my second time here and we also spent a night in the island.
Tres-Reyes-Island-from-afarThere is no electricity but there are cottages (for rent). The beach is not made of sand, you will literally walk in small pieces of white corals (had difficulty walking especially whenever the corals get between my feet and slippers. There are comfort rooms but sad to say, it’s in really bad condition. There are residents in this island, I think that is where my cousins were able to rent an “aladin” that we used throughout the night. Night swimming is not advisable because of the very strong current in this island.


Source: http://mckhaye.blogspot.com/

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