21According to beliefs, the sacred mystical image of “Dolor” (Our Lady of Sorrows) was found colorfully imprinted/etched on a piece of stone near a flooded stream in the forest in the remote and sparsely populated sitio of Batong Paluay about few kilometers from the poblacion (town proper) in the municipality of San Andres a hundred years ago. Believed to be miraculous, the image’s early display of “wonders” attracted flocked of devotees and believers from nearby and distant places.
The image is believed to progressively increase in sized over the years. At present, one can view the image with bare eyes unlike before, when one had to use a magnifying lens. Its repository has been replaced three times to accommodate the increasing size of the miraculous stone. In the early 1970s, the venerated image of our Lady of Sorrows, Nuestra Señora de Dolores of Batong Paluay, was formalized as the second patron saint of the town next to San Andres the Apostle. A chapel was built to house the miraculous stone icon and as a place of devotion for believers. Today, a mass is being heard every Friday afternoon as devotees flock the chapel regularly to pray the rosary and novenas. Every Lenten Week, people from different places come to celebrate as part of their Visita Iglesia.
Location. The chapel is located at Batong Paloway in San Andres, Catanduanes.


Source: http://vigattintourism.com/

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