8047190_origOlotayan Island is approximately an hour boat ride from Banica wharf at Roxas City, this barangay is blessed with serene shores with white sand mixing with corals washed ashore by strong waves, Olotayan beach offers a tranquil and relaxing “out of the city hassles” atmosphere.  With clear waters and a rural setting, where sea waves and occasional laughter’s from kids playing at a distance, the place is fit for honeymooners or businessmen who wants to have “a get away” from it all.
With relatively few visitors and tourists visiting the area, the place remain as placid and native all through the years.  Despite its short distance from the city, the place have maintained its rustic view, thus giving visitors an opportunity to be close to nature.  With most native folks still adhering to rural way of life, the most sophisticated tourists will find ways to commune with Mother Nature and a chance to get back to the basic of living and witness for themselves the way it used to be with no cars or other usual city amenities available.  The residents of the island consider it as a mini Boracay because of its crystal clear water and white sand.


Source: http://capiznon.org/

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