4302931The church of Lagonoy is one of the oldest churches in Camarines Sur. It is located in the town of San Jose in Camarines Sur.
The old parish priest of Lagonoy, Fr. Salvador Mendoza, decided to build a church in a place called “Cabayawasan” because of the presence of so many guava trees in the area. The construction of the church began in 1818. It was a cooperative effort of the people of Lagonoy who worked on the northern part and the people of Danlog on the southern part. Most of the materials and labor were either free or as payment for weddings and baptisms.
In 1813, the town of San Jose was officially established under the name of Patrocinio, from the word “patron,” meaning “model”. Then it was changed to Patrocinio de San Jose from the Patron Saint, Patriarca de San Jose. Later in 1883, it was shortened to San Jose, which is its official name. Its founders were Father Salvador Mendoza, then the parish priest of San Jose, and Don Macario Agustin, the first capitan municipal of the town.
After the founding of the town, progress and development became eminent and this could be attributed to the cooperative efforts of the church and the state.


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