3_2023596994601758588These elements combine to create the seemingly modern work of art that is Animasola Island. Seen from afar, Animasola Island resembles the podium of an exhibit in a museum because of its dramatic rock formations. As one approaches the island it becomes evident that the island itself is the exhibit. Exotic rock formations form the foundation of the Animasola Island attraction, while the fingers of moss and other flora that hangs about in the rocks highlight a magnificent artwork of nature.
Animasola Island belongs to the municipality of Balatan in Camarines Sur. Access to the island is provided by local fishermen who can transport visitors to the Animasola Island to share what the beauty they experience there.
Balateno fisherfolks who frequent the Animasola Island swear on the marvelous scenery they get to experience there come dusk. Witnessing a wonderful sunset in the island’s embrace will make the hair on your back stand on ends in utter appreciation of nature’s subtle beauty.


Source: http://bestphilippinebeaches.com/

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