38801371Mangcamagong Beach is a clean gray beach facing San Miguel Bay with clear water suitable for swimming and outings. Its scenic and peaceful ambience provides excursionists and tourists a nice place for relaxation. Cottages, restrooms, roadside eateries, and sheds are available at reasonable prices. Here, you can broil capiz shells – a delicacy.
The Mangcamagong beach has almost the same feature as that of Taba-taba. Taba-taba can also be found in the town of Basud and it has a white sand beach. The only difference is that Mangcamagong beach has a longer shoreline than Taba-taba
How to get there: The beach is located in the town of Basud in the province of Camarines Norte. There are two ways to go to the province – either by land or by air.
By Land. Camarines Norte is about six hours drive from Manila through lush forests and picturesque seascapes. Leave Manila before dawn and eat a sumptuous breakfast of native dishes in nipa huts along the highway. Drop by fruit vendors along the way and savor the place’s most delectable fruit – the piña. Before noon, you’ll be in Daet, the capital, in time for business or pleasure. You can ride a bus from different bus companies like Amihan, Superlines, and PhilTranco, at terminals located in Pasay and Cubao.


Source: http://vigattintourism.com/

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