1347503529bxmi4iojThe Rizal Monument at Daet in Camarines Norte was erected just two years after Jose Rizal’s Death in 1896. This was unveiled on December 30, 1898 and was also largely due to the voluntary contributions of the people of Camarines Norte under Lt. Col Ildefonso Alegre and Lt. Col. Antonio Sanz.
It is a simple structure consisting of a 3-sided obelisk mounted on a square base. Inscribed around the base are among Jose Rizal’s finest and influential works – the Noli Me Tangere, the El Filibusterismo, and the Morga. The latter was his compiled annotations to Antonio de Morga’s Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas (Events in the Philippine Isles) while the first two are the novels that both courted the ire of the Spanish government and sparked flames of the Philippine Revolution.
Interestingly, the monument does not have Rizal’s bust nor does it have the elaborate designs or the height of other shrines elsewhere in the Philippines. But what it lacked in such structural details, this 20 ft. structure has more than made up for being the first Rizal monument in the country.
The people of Camarines Norte back then had both foresight and initiative ahead of everyone else. They also did not wait for a formal proclamation or mandate in honoring a fine Filipino such as Jose Rizal, even with the modest of resources available.


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