13449061210lOSybn4Alalum Falls can be found in the rural barangay of Kisolon and can be accessed through Sayre Highway. Even from there, one will be amazed at the sheer height of this spectacular falls, recorded around 148 feet. This particular falls is fed by an extensive network of natural spring, brooks and streams from high up in the mountains, coming together in a leisurely pace before the water gracefully flows downwards in a breathtaking spectacle.
The same clear, fresh and clear waters has given abundant life to the area surrounding it, with all manner of shrubs and trees and wildflowers that will give one the impression of being in paradise. There is a view deck where one can enjoy its beauty from a distance. There are also stone steps where one can descend to reach the foot of the falls.


Source: http://vigattintourism.com/

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