IMG_7209The San Nicolas Tolentino Church (Saint Nicholas of Tolentino Church) is the parish church of Dimiao, Bohol. The date of the parish’s foundation is uncertain, although by 1750 there are records of baptism in the parish. The church may have been built toward the later half of the 19th century. The structure of cut stone is cruciform, though its transept is short. The façade can be described as Neobaroque. Although classical overall, shallow reliefs of flowers arranged as vertical bands decorate the façade. The façade is flanked by twin octagonal towers.
The church interior is simple, coming to a focus at the Neoclassical altars. One of the side altars is missing. The convent is located behind the church and is now a school. Beside the church are the ruins of what appears to be cemetery and two mortuary chapels. Archaeological excavations in the area have uncovered very little remains, probably the site was never used. The Church received heavy cracks and displacing the ceiling of the church with a possibility of collapsing due to the Bohol quake 2013. Still left standing unsafe and untouched by the local residents in the municipality of Dimiao and only priests and authorities of the church convent is allowed to enter the severely damaged church in the inside the daily mass and sunday mass is held at the dimiao local gym.



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