Mag-aso-falls-bohol-philippinesMag-aso Falls is one of the natural treasures of Bohol, Philippines. Behold for yourself the magnificent twin falls, often obscured by fine mist that appears smoke-like. Thus, Mag-aso falls got its name. “Aso”, in the local dialect means “smoke”. With a height of 25 feet, the twin falls is picturesque against a backdrop of tall trees, wild plants including giant ferns, and deep ravines. It is located 20 Km from Tabilaran City in the town of Antequera and roughly a half an hour ride away. Antequera is an inland town located in the western part of Bohol, Philippines and consists of 21 Barangays (district). Aside from being blessed with rolling & rugged terrains interspersed with rivers, streams and brooks, the town is also known as the basket capital of Bohol, Philippines. Sundays, Antequera’s market day, is the day when baskets of different sizes and shapes are displayed in the local market and traders from out of town, hailing from Cebu and far-off Manila come to buy their products for export to other countries throughout the world. The town may be so out of the way, yet travelers who make the trip find it worthwhile. Intermittent verdant rice fields with hilly backdrops are stunning to look at aside from the picturesque ancestral homes that dot the way.



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