Dagohoy-Cave4Francisco Dagohoy Cave in Bohol is popular because it has a historic value to Boholanos. The name of the pristine cave is followed after patriot Francisco Dagohoy. Most local residents agree that this cave served as the patriots hideout when he rebelled and fought against Spaniards in the 18th century. Dagohoy and other rebels used the cave as their hideout and headquarter for almost 85 years. The cave has an underwater passage that leads to dry land, which helped rebels and Dagohoy escape Spaniards every time they raid the cave.
Description of Bohols Francisco Dagohoy Cave. The opening of the cave is 17 meters high, which allows people to have a glimpse at its crystal-filled passages. The passages have a stream that leads to the Wahig River in Bohol. Inside the cave, people can admire stalactites and stalagmites that they can see when they light the cave walls with lanterns or flashlights. Guests can also see skeletons of rebels who died inside the cave.
The Marker for Francisco Dagohoy Cave. To make the cave more admirable to tourists, the Philippine Historical Commission placed a monument named as Dagohoy Marker on a plateau near the cave. The creation of the monument also commemorates the courage and bravery that Dagohoy and other rebels showed when they fought for the freedom of Boholanos.


Source: http://www.boholboard.com/

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