8085411736_ba9c4a6176_bSt John Church in Anini-y is the only preserved Augustinian colonial church in Antique Province.
Anini-Y was established as a fishing village by fishermen who came from Asluman, a barrio of Hamtic sometime between 1600-30.  Hamtic was the oldest settlement in Antique and was under Augustinian administration from 1651, when Friar Miguel de Siguenza was appointed minister.
St John Church Anini-y was a visita of Hamtic and priests from the mother parish would visit the settlement on their mission tours that brought them as far as the Cagayancillo Islands in the Sulu Sea. Augustinian Friars Hipólito Casimiro and Felíx Roja y Zuñiga were the two priests credited with organizing and evangelizing Anini-y in the 18th century.
St John Church in Anini-y became an independent parish on 22 March 1862, in accordance with a papal decree on 20 December 1861. The first Augustinian parish priest was Friar Romualdo Crespo who was appointed in early 1862.


Source: http://historicphilippines.com/

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