putsan-beach-donsol-philippines+1152_13280269562-tpfil02aw-23745Putsan Beach is a piece of pristine coast in the province of Albay sculpted by the waves and winds of Bicolandia, beckoning the visitor to the many magnificent sights it has to offer.
Putsan Beach is the original source of the ancient ceramic and pottery industry in the Bicol Region up until today. Sweeping in long graceful curve, the beautiful white surging surfs of the ocean form a sharp contrast with jet-black volcanic sands. Add to this natural wonder is the fishing venture of the villagers and the natural formations of the beach which invites photographers to display their skills.
How to get there
Deep in the heart of Bicol is the province of Albay. Take the bus or the plane, (or train). The choice is yours.


Source: http://vigattintourism.com/

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